Little Wonder by Aleph (Digital Audio)

Little Wonder by Aleph (Digital Audio)


  1. Fire on the Moon Under the Moon Version
  2. I’m On Fire Grand Mix
  3. Must Be Love Album Version
  4. Fly To Me Reissue Traditional Mix
  5. Fly To Me Reissue
  6. Fly To Me 2017
  7. Fly To Me Italoconnection
  8. Fly To Me Alternative Mix
  9. Fire on the Moon Reissue
  10. Fire on the Moon Reissue Traditional Mix
  11. Fire on the Moon Italoconnection
  12. Fire on the Moon 2018
  13. A Star Within You
  14. You Make Me Feel Alright Album Version
  15. I’m On Fire – Fire Mix
  16. Time
  17. Kingdom Come 8 Tea
  18. Ocean and Skies Album Version
  19. Little Wonder
Aleph’s first album in years, new Tracks and very old Tracks from the 80s and 90s, not only Dance, as usual Aleph has put on this album different types of music like Italo, Pop and Ballads, unfortunately some songs are not so clear and technically not so defined, the reason is because they are too old, but it was interesting to publish these songs that have never been published before.
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releases June 12, 2020
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