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ABeatC is a brand created in 1990 when Tom Yoda (AVEX), Max Matsuura (AVEX), Alberto Contini, Giancarlo Pasquini (Dave Rodgers) and Alessandra Gatti (Domino) had a very important meeting in Contini’s house. That day the future of AVEX and a new wave of Eurobeat was planned. AVEX needed a strong supplier and ABeatC was the first and only pilaster at that time. ABeatC gave AVEX the opportunity to create a new wave of Eurobeat. which became popular worldwide with J-Animation and J-Pop hits. Dave Rodgers, the frontman of Aleph who had a huge successes in 80’s, representing a new wave of Italo Disco and Hi-NRG, was the man who started this important project collaborating with Contini. Contini created and hand-designed the first logo/label of AbeatC which was used by Rodgers & Contini to release their productions. The history of ABeatC will be available from January 2021 with the release of all 12” maxisingles in digital format on the web (by AVEX and BELIEVE). The masters are taken directly from original 12” Maxisingle records using only APOGEE digital converter without any effect.
Thanks to all your requests, here is the physical Audio Cd Album, in a lovely jewel case, with 12-page artwork booklet, including all the Lyric.
The shipment of the physical CD will start on November 24th 2021 with traceable shipping (delivery in about 15 days).


  1. Norma Sheffield Your Body Lies Original Master Radio Version 04:00
  2. Robert Stone Pocket Time Original Master Extended Version 06:00
  3. The Big Brother Wild Reputation Original Master Grand Mix 06:00
  4. Virginelle Fantasy Original Master Extended Version 05:40
  5. Patrick Hoolley Catching Your Time Original Master Radio Version 03:30
  6. Robert Stone Burning Heart Original Master Radio Version 05:00
  7. Annerley Gordon Sexy Boy Sexy Toy Original Master Radio Version 03:18
  8. The Big Brother LA Time Original Master Radio Version 03:40
  9. Jimmy Mc Foy Experience Original Master Radio Version 03:45
  10. Gino Caria I Wanna Be Your Superman Original Master Extended Version 05:34
  11. The Big Brother Red Fire Original Master Radio Version 03:06
  12. Norma Sheffield It’s For Your Eyes Original Master Extended Version 07:38
  13. Paul Murray Commedia Original Master Radio Version 03:35
  14. David Essex Love & Celebration Original Master Extended Version 05:40
  15. The Big Brother Girls Are Dancing Original Master Radio Version 04:17
  16. Jimmy Mc Foy Like An Experience Original Master Freak Mix 03:37
  17. Domino Fall In Love Original Master Radio Version 03:30

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