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Welcome to the website of Dave Rodgers! If you want to become a space boy, then you are in the right place as Dave Rodgers is Space Boy! On this website, you will find Dave’s latest music downloads which you can purchase directly from the Dave Rodgers Store. You will find everything from Dave Rodgers music to Dave Rodgers merchandise as well as the following:

  • Dave Rodgers Initial D
  • Dave Rodgers Déjà Vu
  • Dave Rodgers Eurobeat
  • Dave Rodgers Wild Reputation

Dave Rodgers Music released many of the tracks that could become your all-time favorites. Dave is a well-known singer, songwriter, composer and producer, owned Rodgers Studio and Co-Founded the most important and well know Eurobeat Label “A-Beat C”.

Dave Rodgers is a name that is synonymous with the Eurobeat music scene; in fact, many people say “Dave Rodgers Eurobeat”. Of the Dave Rodgers Music, you are probably most familiar with the Déjà Vu meme which also featured the anime Initial D. Again, often Dave’s fans instantly put Dave Rodgers and Initial D together.

For those of you who don’t know, firstly where have you been?! Eurobeat music originates from Italy and is a style of dance music that developed and evolved in the 1980s. It has profoundly influenced European dance-pop records ever since is a best described as a Hi-NRG-driven form of Italian disco or Italo disco as it is often referred to. Dave produced a very important Japanese singer and bands as Amuro Namie, V6, Max, Ayumi Hamasaki and sold 30 million records in Japan as producer, singer and writer.

Of Dave’s more recent releases, you are probably aware of Dave Rodgers Space Boy and Dave Rodgers Wild Reputation – something that Dave feels is a very accurate description of he’s life! Of course, these tracks along with all of others are available in the Dave Rodgers store. Dave Rodgers Déjà Vu is also available along with Dave Rodgers merchandise including Audio CD, T-shirts, Hats and others gifts.

If you would like to download Dave Rodgers Music, get any Dave Rodgers Merchandise you can get everything that you need from Dave Rodgers Store. Please visit Dave Rodgers Store to see everything that Dave have to offer.